Be a Standout Law Firm
Grand & Holders, visioning to be the Top 1 commercial law firm in Southern China, now owns an outstanding
team comprised of more than 100 professionals, including 17 partners specializing in different practice areas and 42 lawyers.
  • Cases
    Represented in more than 1,088 litigation and arbitration cases
  • Clients
    Grand & Holders has provided legal services to more than 100 clients.
  • Knowledge Management
    Over 195695 legal documents
Moot Court
In Grand & Holders, we spare no effort for every triumph. We are proficient in pre-judging the results of major and complicated commercial litigations. Through Moot Court,an innovation of Grand & Holders's legal services, the irreversible trial will be previewed. In future, we will build a "Case Corpus" Analysis System....
Data Visualization for Litigation
Grand & Holders persists in using advanced instrument as data visualization to turning complex case information and law relations into easy to digest charts and graphs.
Big Data
Let data do the talking. Reseaches on various kinds of commercial litigations and big data reports enable us to explore more about the commercial litigation.
  • Grand & Holders is a high-end law firm focusing on commercial litigation, which takes advantage of big data to analyze and evaluate cases from a wider perspective and provides more valuable information to lawyers and clients.
    China Poly Group
    Vice President
  • Being involved in service industry, a law firm shall always focus on its service quality as it is a basic standard for clients to evaluate a law firm. Lawyers shall prudently handle every case and keep pursuing excellence.
    Gaoxin Group
    General Manager
  • Michael W.Leahy – Deputy General Counsel of American International Group Lawyers with Grand & Holders have excellent litigation skills, extensive experience and related industrial background as well as the ability to comprehensively consider the client's litigation objectives and business objectives in the development of litigation and dispute resolution strategies. Because of their strong strength in the development and implementation of key litigation strategies, we regard Grand & Holders as one of the preferred litigation law firms.
    Michael W.Leahy
    Deputy General Counsel